The 3M Prospecting Plan

In this article I’ll be covering the aspects of a highly effective prospecting plan. While prospecting is a fundamental of any sales endeavor, most sales reps do not take prospecting seriously enough to make the impact on their sales numbers they or their manager would like. Here’s truth: “The road to increasing sales leads through […]

“I’m Not Interested”

I’m not interested… The dreaded words a sales rep hears every. single. day…. But you know you have a product that can help out the customers. They just don’t seem interested in even hearing about it. Maybe you feel like this guy in this cartoon I had designed a few years ago. Can you relate? […]

Find Your Code to Sales Success

Sales Training Rubik's Cube

When I was a kid if you could figure out the code to the Rubiks Cube you were considered pretty smart. Remember those toys? To master the Rubiks Cube you need to match all the colors on each side. There is a code to follow to be able to master the Rubiks Cube. Once you […]