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Who would win in a game of 1 on 1?

The Power of Training and Practice.

Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player of all time.

Imagine he had a twin brother with the same genetics and same potential to be the greatest of all time.  Instead, his brother decided to be an insurance agent and rarely picked up a ball to practice.

The question I propose is this:  Who would win in a game of one on one?  Remember, they’re genetic twins – they’re the same height, they look the same, etc.

The obvious answer is the basketball legend as we know him would completely destroy his twin brother.  Frankly it would be embarrassing to even watch.  A score of 86 – 0 in just a few minutes wouldn’t be far from realistic.

The Lesson:  The only reason the real Michael Jordan would be able to pummel the imaginary genetic twin is because he put in the time and effort to train and practice to be the best.  He learned and mastered the basics and practiced tens of thousands of shots, layups and passes.  His training and his practice are the differentiation from his brother who lost and floundered.

The Problem:  Sales reps across the globe expect to enter the game of sales and win, but unfortunately get eaten alive.  It’s perplexing to talk to business owner and sales managers who just can’t understand why their sales reps are struggling and can’t hit quota, yet when asked if they have a sales training program they look down and respond in the negative.

The Solution:  If you would like to be the best sales rep in the industry or have you sales team become sales legends, you must train and practice consistently, just like a professional athlete.  With no training and practice your sales will never be able to grow to their full potential.

Keep In Mind:  Michael Jordan would not have become the legend had he trained with inferior techniques and principles.  The old saying is that practice make perfect, but it’s not necessarily true.  If you practice the wrong way, you’ll become perfect at doing something the wrong way.  You must be careful which set of sales principles, techniques and strategies you train and practice with.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of outdated and irrelevant sales training in the world.

Remember, perfect practice makes perfect.

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