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Slay the Sales Killer

Slay the Sales Killer

True sales success takes guts, massive courage and a willingness to stare the sales killer in the eyes and overcome it. The sales killer is fear.

While most sales reps (and people in general) play it safe and walk along the paved roads of life, fewer venture off on the dirt roads, there is a fraction of the elite achievers that dare the adventure and challenge of taking the mountain trail all the way to the top of the peak. This is the path less travelled so to speak.

The mountain trail is full of twists and turns and massive challenges. But at the top is glory, success and ultimate achievement and fulfillment. No regrets.

If you choose to be the top 1% of your industry and achieve your true potential you must be fully committed. It’s not easy, you will see things on the mountain path that will shake you to the core.

You see, on your path to the top, as its getting dark and strange noises make you look over your shoulder, appearing before you will be a big, black, snarling and hungry wolf who wants to eat you for dinner. What will you do at this moment of truth? Most will turn back running for their lives.

If you’re fully committed, no matter what happens you’re going to reach the peak and the only way to do that now is you will have to slay the wolf. You will have to be willing to sacrifice yourself and dig deep to find the courage to take the wolf on and slay it.

The wolf is fear. To overcome what’s holding you back from sales greatness, you must confront the fear head on and wipe it out.

To kill fear you must do that which scares you. If you’re afraid, embrace the fear and do it anyway. The best way I know how to kill fear is to learn how to love it. Yes, love fear, bring it in, let it motivate you and excite you and then instead of holding you back, it motivates you! Rather than being the sales killer it becomes the sales motivator. Move toward fear instead of running away from it.

I know you have what it takes to be the top in your industry. I invite you to make that commitment and do what it takes to reach your full potential. Do not let fear or hesitation hold you back. Your destiny awaits.

We’re here to help you on your journey to the top. We’ve been there and know what it takes.   For help getting to the top 1# and reaching the mountain peak, reach out to us below.

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The Ultimate Sales Killer

The Ultimate Sales Killer:

There are infinite ways to kill a sale. You can say the wrong thing, the competition might take over, the client get’s cold feet, etc, etc.

There is one sales killer that stands supreme above them the all. It steals the potential from other wise amazing sales reps. It tries to humiliate and denigrate the mind and soul of the sales person, which unfortunately it does a very good job at. Once it achieves it’s sinister goal, the sales rep flounders in mediocrity for their entire careers.

Not only does it kill sales, it kills the mind and soul of the sales rep.

This ugly monster sales killer is fear.

Fear is the #1 sales killer.

Once fear has set in and taken over, the sales rep no longer dreams of becoming the best sales rep in the industry or company.  Fear numbs their ambition and complacency and apathy take over.  What once was a burning fire to excel and achieve sales greatness is replaced by disappointment, frustration and excuses to “stay small”.  It truly is a sales tragedy and something must be done.

Tomorrows post will go over how you can overcome the fear that is holding you back from your biggest sales breakthrough. In fact, once you beat fear, I promise you that you will be able to double, triple and more your sales and enter into the top 1% of sales reps in your entire industry.

If you’d like to learn about our powerful mindset program that abolishes any fear contact us below.

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