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“I’m Not Interested”

I’m not interested…

The dreaded words a sales rep hears every. single. day….

But you know you have a product that can help out the customers. They just don’t seem interested in even hearing about it. Maybe you feel like this guy in this cartoon I had designed a few years ago.


Can you relate?

People are busier now than at any time in history. The amount of distractions that are calling for our attention is 10 fold from the busy time just 10 or 15 years ago. Frankly, we just don’t know what’s worth our time or not and with so much to do, it’s better to ignore.

If you’re prospects are telling you they’re not interested, what they’re really telling you is that you’re not interesting. If you want a prospects attention you must be interesting.

To get their listening ears to pay attention, here are some quick tips:

            1: Change the focus of your messages from you and your company to them and their needs, wants and how they would benefit. Afterall, who’s the most interesting person in the world? Ourselves…

            2: Don’t be vanilla. While you and your company might have the stability of vanilla ice cream, it’s boring. If you want their attention you must reach out in a much more creative and interesting way than your standard, pesky cold call or email.

            3: Create value. If you create enough value, your client will be forced to listen and pay attention.

            4: Create celebrity / authoritative leverage: You can create your own mini celebrity in your marketplace by blogging, making videos and audios, giving speeches, etc. Once you create the celebrity and authority in your marketplace, you will have no shortage of attention and people wanting to talk to you.

            5: Change your motive. Related to #1 above is to focus your motives to sincerely helping and benefiting your client rather than selfishly focusing on yourself making a sale. When your client senses your true motivation, they open up and are much more willing to start a dialogue.

Successful sales is getting much harder in today’s modern world. Those reps who refuse to learn and resist selling in a different way will be left behind and become fossils of a bygone age…sales fossils.

Those few reps who do take their career and the success of their client seriously will stand out and experience more success than they thought possible.

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Dustin Dart

Dustin Dart is an author, leading sales trainer and the President of Professional Sales International