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Sales Training Rubik's Cube

Find Your Code to Sales Success

When I was a kid if you could figure out the code to the Rubiks Cube you were considered pretty smart. Remember those toys? To master the Rubiks Cube you need to match all the colors on each side. There is a code to follow to be able to master the Rubiks Cube. Once you learn the code, you will have success.

I admit that I never did have the patience to figure it out, but I was impressed with those that did.

In the business world, most business owners and sales reps are like I was with the Rubiks Cube. They know there’s a way to increase sales, but it can be hard to figure out. Rather than go on a search to figure out sales success, they flounder in status quo.

Your Code to Sales Success: There is a code to your sales success. There is a way, a path or a blueprint to being able to dramatically increase sales. And not just by 10 or 15% per year. You can best believe that there is a code that can double, triple, even 10X your sales in short time once you figure it out.

Questions: What lies on the other side of finding the code to your sales success? How does your business change? How does your life change? How do your finances change? What does sales success mean to you?

Impact questions: What are you going to do about it? What if you decide to do nothing? What happens then?

Imagine you hold a combination lock in your hands, and all you need to do is figure out the code and massive sales success will be a reality.   Do what’s necessary to figure out the code. If you struggle, there may be others that are experts in figuring the code to open the lock.

Your sales success lays before you. My invitation to you is to do what’s necessary to unlock your code.

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Dustin Dart

Dustin Dart is an author, leading sales trainer and the President of Professional Sales International