Open The Sale

Sales has changed...Closing is Dead!

The modern information age has changed the world, and it has changed sales...dramatically.

Open The Sale is a powerful and effective new way to sell in the modern world.  Those sales reps who adopt the new system will have extreme success, while those who do not evolve will be left to sell in a world that no longer exists.  


The Mind Bomb

Are you ready to rapidly improve your sales numbers?  

What if I told you that change starts in your MIND?

If you want to sell like a sales champion, you must first THINK like a sales champion.

In 'The Mind Bomb' you will discover the real path to success is buried deep inside your own mind and that learning how to control your thoughts will determine what your future turns out to be.  


Crucial Sales Skills

When Hall of Fame basketball legend Pistol Pete Maravich was asked by a teenage boy what the secret was to basketball success, Pistol Pete picked up a basketball and jogged down to the hoop and made a simple layup.

Pistol then said, "Master the Basics and you'll have success."  

The foundations of sales success are the Crucial Sales Skills that all sales people need to master.  


Audio Products

Business Domination
Dustin Dart & Brian Tracy

Dustin Dart and Brian Tracy worked together to bring you and amazing program where you'll learn how to dominate your marketplace in sales and business. 

They were both interviewed and shared the best techniques and strategies for business domination.

 Dustin said, "My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard the quality of content Brian was sharing and I knew I had to give my best." 

Audio Sample

$97.00 Digital Product

The Sales Revolution
Dustin Dart & Tom Hopkins

Dustin Dart and Tom Hopkins have teamed together to bring you a Sales Revolution.  

Both were interviewed on how to have massive success in sales and in life.  The secret they share will revolutionize your sales results and bring you more fulfillment and happiness.

Tom Hopkins is a legendary sales trainer and Dustin Dart is a leading "next generation" sales trainer and has become one of the most trusted sales trainers today. 

Audio Sample

$97.00 Digital Product

Business Ignition Extreme
Dustin Dart & Michael Gerber

Dustin Dart and Michael E. Gerber created a powerful business success program called "Business Ignition Extreme.  

Michael Gerber Begins with a powerful interview on how to grow and scale your business and sales & the importance of systems and process.

Dustin then presents some of the most powerful business growth and sales ideas and principles he's ever shared. 

Audio Sample

$97.00 Digital Product