Professional Sales University Proposal

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August 14, 2018

August 14, 2018


Dear Chad,

Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal to Curaguard.  

The Professional Sales University focuses on training sales principles, strategies and techniques that will enable your team to increase sales, market share and motivate them to achieve their potential.

After our conversation, I have decided that it is time to re produce the program with updated videos and the updates in sales processes we have developed since the program was originally produced.  It does not have anything to do with the roundness of my face in the video we saw together.  

You will have access to all of the updated production videos and the program that will be released over the next 8 weeks.  You will also have access to the current training program before the release of the new training.

We have also decided to add 3 half hour coaching sessions throughout your training process, which we can schedule anytime.

We want to make this experience the best possible for Curaguard and provide a higher than expected impact & ROI.  

Let us know on any questions you have about the program.  

We look forward to a successful training and development program with Curaguard.


Dustin Dart

President / CEO


Professional Sales University Mission

To train & coach Curaguard to have the top sales initiatives in the industry and provide sales processes & strategies that will enable them to increase sales, capture more market share, and establish Curaguard as a leading provider in the marketplace. 

"Continuous personal and professional development are the key to the future"  Brian Tracy

Proposal Summary

Professional Sales University Online Education Portal

3 Half Hour Coaching Sessions

Investment: $2500

*You will have access to all of the new and updated recordings and worksheets as they come available during the next 8 weeks.

The Opportunity

Grow sales to the fullest potential possible

Critical Factors For Success

The critical factor for sales success in a business is the strength of the sales strategy and plan and how effectively the sales reps are trained to implement the plan.  Most businesses don't have a plan and are then left to overpowering market forces and luck for their sales success (or lack thereof).

Critical elements of this project we will work with you on are:

Objective:  How will we clearly define the objective of this initiative?  What are the clear objectives of Five Inc's sales strategy?

Playbook:  As we move through the program, Curaguard will be developing their sales play book.  What each sales rep and future sales rep can do to have a systemized sales plan.  

Quantifiable Activities:  We will establish quantifiable activities each sales reps is to perform on a daily and weekly basis.  We will follow up on the success of the activities and evolve to make the most effective.

Process:  We will develop detailed processes on each phase of the sales cycle to maximize performance.

ROI:  We will work to surpass the expected ROI of the program

We are committed to making the Printing Profits Program a resounding success.

Return On Invesment



If you have any questions or would like to talk more about the details about this project, contact us:


Email -


Double Your  Sales (and more) With The 10 Metrics of Professional Sales Success

Learn how to dramatically increase sales with the exact processes, strategies and systems the sales masters use in the modern age

​"Sales Success Is Based on Law"

Intro Session: The Foundations of Sales Success

Learn the quick foundational principles to massive success in print sales.

These are 20 quick principles that if you implement in your sales process, you will begin to see dramatic increases in your success.

- "Be ___________ or be ____________"

- How to "take flight"

- Be ________________________

- ______ of Sales success is in the _________

- People want to buy from _______________

- Make it _____________ for your clients to __________

- Learn what level of commitment it will take for you to be successful

- The Ultimate Success Secret - _____________  ____________

-Much much more

Sales Metric #1: Superior Strategy = Superior Sales

- How a superior strategy wins wars and will win more sales

-  a complete strategic planning session that will create your powerful new sales strategy

- Create your perfect customer _____________

- You must see it ___ ________ ________ before your can ________ ___ ___ ________ _________

- What do you _______________   ______________

- Find and develop strategic partners

- The Competency Model

- Learn the power of level 3 goals

- If you fail to ______ you ______ to _______

- What you can learn from the most successful sports teams and dominate your market.

- Shotgun vs. Rifle approach

- Much, Much more!

Sales Metric #2: Create Massive Mind Power w/ The Mind Bomb™

- To be a highly successful sales rep not only must you train like one, you must THINK like a highly successful sales rep.

- Learn the most powerful aspect of sales success - This one principle brings you extreme sales success or failure. By understanding it you can harness it's power for increased sales and success.  

- Use the MetaMethod™ mind science to dramatically increase the power of your mind to achieve massive sales success

- Alter negative beliefs about yourself into strengths that will open the doors to more success.

- Learn how to kill the #1 success inhibitor - Fear - and watch your sales explode.

- The one principle that all religions have in common that determines your success or failure

- How your internal temperature influences your client in making a buying decision

- Much, much more

Sales Metric #3: Get Your Schedule "Completely Booked" With Qualified & Excited Prospects

- Learn the power of Push vs Pull Prospecting and how to use them together

- Learn and develop specific prospecting and lead generation plans that get results

- How to turn cold prospects warm, warm prospects hot and hot prospects white hot and ready to buy now

- Learn the 5-5-5 and the 6 cycle prospecting system that guarantees meetings with your prospects

- How to develop prospecting "campaigns" and why they increase sales

- Cold email strategies that get meetings with qualified prospects

- How to use "blended prospecting strategies" to become a prospecting master

- Learn the strategy to get a meeting with absolutely anybody you want...guaranteed!

- Much, much more!

Sales Training Core Influence

Sales Metric #4: Become a Master Persuader w/ Core Influence™

- Learn why "closing" is dead and how to effectively sell in the modern age. 

- The 6 step process to ethically influence anybody at the core / truth level. Maintain integrity while dramatically increasing your ability to persuade clients to make a positive decision to buy.   

- How to use one of the most powerful forces on the Earth - The Truth - To set you and your clients free of ineffective sales processes.  

- Instead of "handling objections" learn how to empower objections into sales with the powerful ORBIT™ Objection Empowerment formula. 

- Learn "The Line" concept and how it dramatically increases your ability to persuade in a ethical and friendly way. 

- To dramatically increase your conversions you must sell in a dramatically different way. Core Influence will teach you a powerful new way to sell that will at least double your conversions. 

-Much, much more!

Sales Metric #5: The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Newton said it best. For every action there is a reaction. Learn how to create a powerful reaction from the market place and get more leads and qualified prospects. After all, with no leads there are no sales. Double your leads you can double sales.

The fortune is in the follow-up. The majority of sales are made after contacting the client 5 times. The majority of sales reps don't follow up more than 2 times.  

What's your follow up plan? If the answer is "I'm not sure", you're leaving money on the table.

- Learn and develop a specific 15 step follow up plan that converts qualified prospects into buyers.

- The two things you must include in every follow up message.

- Avoid these common mistakes sales people make when following up and learn the best way of making follow up impact for sales conversions.

- Much, much more

Sales Metric #6: Client Loyalty:  Gain Customers For Life 

Customer Satisfaction is just the beginning. Create Client Loyalty For Massive Sales Success.

- Wolves are hungry to steal your clients. Build a fence to keep them out and your customers in.

- Learn how to create "raving fans" that will fight before they give business to somebody else.

- Use 5 strategies that will create deeply loyal clients.

- The Loyalty Factor Diagram

- The power and strategy of relationship selling.

- How to create "exponential growth" in your sales business by following the Client Loyalty Success program

- Would you rather your spouse be satisfied or loyal?  Think about it....

- Much, much more

Sales Metric #7: Infinite Referrals - Everybody Knows Referrals Are King.... 

- Learn how to earn the 2nd sale that makes the 1st much more profitable.

- Learn how to develop the "sales seed" strategy that will create a referral based business and change your career.

- The blueprint of a successful referral campaign

- The #1 thing you can do to immediately double your referrals

- How to create a network of "referral partners" that consistently feed you highly qualified, warm leads 

- Learn how to become a giver so that you can more easily receive

- Learn the strategies of how to best work with a referral network

- Much, much more

Sales Metric #8: Key Client Acquisition - Hunting Elephants Feeds Much Better Than Rabbits

- Learn the step by step plan to creating your "dream client" campaign. If you can land just a few dream clients, your sales increase dramatically.

- How to deploy "Sales Tools" that help open the doors to your biggest clients.

- How to use the "education" strategy to open the door and position yourself as the best company to deal with.

- How to double, triple or 10X your sales with fewer clients using this strategy

- How to attract the big clients into your business with the right "value bait"

- Where to find the "elephants" in your industry that are already purchasing your type of services

- How to create legitimacy and ultimately authority and why it is an absolute necessity to work with larger high scale clients.

- Much, much more!

Sales Metric #9: Authority Positioning - Positioning  You and Your Company as the Top in the Industry

The law of social dynamics states that the higher your "perceived" position on the social ladder is the more respect you will gain from your clients and the more they want to work with you.  

- Learn the strategies on how to manufacture your authority positioning.

- How to eliminate "sales beggar status" and show up more powerfully to every client interaction.

- How to develop and deploy a "shock and awe" package that positions you and your company and the only option.

- Create an effective USP - Unique Selling Proposition - that becomes your "competition killer"

- Be ________________________

- Learn the power of the social dynamic totem pole and how to create your high position

- Develop your "shock and awe" package

- Much, much more!

Sales Metric #10: Maximization - Stop Wasting Time, Energy, and Money

If you could double or triple your productivity, how much would this increase your sales?

- Learn how to maximize each opportunity you have for bigger sales and larger profits.

- "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." - How to effectively plan your day.

- What you can learn from the most successful sports teams and dominate your market.

- Change your paradigm. 1 + 1 = 10. How to multiply your effectiveness and results exponentially.

- What one thing to include in your offer that can increase sales and profits over 20%.

- How to sell 35 more days during the year than other sales reps. Want to kill your competition? This will help.

- Learn the 6 steps to ultimate productivity

- The A,B,D,E plan of prioritization that will turn you into the most productive sales rep in your industry

- Much, much more!

Bonus Session #1:  Stories Sell Better Than Any Other Strategy or Technique

Stories have riveted children and adults to their seats and have been a primary form of teaching for thousands of years.  There is simply no better way to create rapport, an understanding of your position and help another person feel what you feel, and move them to a purchasing decision than by telling a story.

In this section you will learn:

- Learn how to powerfully tell your personal and professional story to dramatically increase your sales

- Learn the 3 step process to tell a powerful story about your business that will create empathy, sympathy and strong buying emotions in your client.

- The 7 Elements of a Powerful and Engaging Story

- Leverage your experience and business history to tell a story that is remembered and helps your sell!

- Utilize the GOLD you already to possess and turn it into the most powerful sales asset possible.

Bonus Session #2:  Internet Rockstar

How to use the power of internet marketing to dramatically increase the effectiveness and reach of your prospecting, follow-up, and conversion ratios.

This section alone could help you revolutionize your sales career.

The power of the internet is unfathomable andthose savvy sales reps that understand how to harness it's power can overtake and entire markerplace.

-Learn the "launch sequence" that will create demand for your product.

- How to generate leads that contact you.

- Much more!

Bonus Session #3:  Linked Sales Academy™

Linkedin is the Foremost social media and networking site for business and sales professionals.

If you're not using Linkedin to it's fullest power you are missing out on amazing opportunities.

-Learn the complete 6C Linkedin Sales System that will produce credibility and authority

-How to get a flood of targeted and qualified leads that are your "dream clients"

- How to set up your profile so your clients are attracted to you.

- How to establish yourself as an "influencer" to create authority.  Much More!