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The 3M Prospecting Plan

In this article I’ll be covering the aspects of a highly effective prospecting plan.

While prospecting is a fundamental of any sales endeavor, most sales reps do not take prospecting seriously enough to make the impact on their sales numbers they or their manager would like.
Here’s truth:

“The road to increasing sales leads through more / more effective prospecting”


If you struggle in prospecting, you will struggle in sales. It’s that simple. The reverse is also true. The more you prospect and the better you become at it, the more opportunities you will create.

Furthermore, most sales reps lack a prospecting plan that will guide them in their prospecting efforts. Most of the time prospecting efforts are “willy nilly”, unfocused, sporadic and lack an over arching strategy.

The 3M prospecting process will help sales reps develop a highly effective and potent prospecting plan. 3M prospecting is composed of 3 focus points – Method, Message, Mission.


  1 – Method: What is the method and way you prospect and reach out to your prospects. For example:


  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Networking
  • Social Selling
  • Etc


     2 – Message: What is the message you use to create attention, interest and desire that will bring value?


  3 – Mission: The power behind all of your prospecting efforts is your personal mission and intent of your actions.


By combining and implementing these 3 aspects of 3M Prospecting together, you will have a focused prospecting strategy that has the potential to dramatically increase your opportunities to bring value to your prospects and increase your sales.
In subsequent articles, we’ll explore each one of the 3M’s in detail.


Dustin Dart is a sales trainer and consultant and is the President of Ascent Sakes International – a global sales training and marketing agency.

All In: The Difference Between Success and Failure

All In: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Many have pondered the question: What is the difference between success and failure?

After much thought on this very question, and looking at my own life experience, I found that every single failure I have had is because of ONE THING – A lack of commitment.

On the reverse, everything thing I have been successful with is because I was committed to success.

Why are my sales not where they need to be? Lack of commitment.

Why am I not ripped and shredded like I “want” to be? Lack of commitment.

Why is my relationships not as vibrant as they should? Lack of commitment

To achieve your goals and your true potential you must have commitment.

Not, kind of commitment, not 75% commitment, not I “wish and hope for commitment.

It requires the “it will happen”, no other alternatives, 100%, ALL IN commitment. Then you will achieve your goals…or rather, you will achieve your commitments.

Yes, there will be struggles, setbacks, doubts, perhaps some course corrections, but the end result will be success.

During a private coaching session with my mentor Brian Tracy he told me the secret to success in any endeavor. I can still hear his voice when he said, “If you want to guarantee your success in something, simply never give up, just never, ever give up.” It made a profound impact.

When you go ALL IN, you will do what you need to do, learn what you need to learn, search where you need to search, pay you need to pay to get the result you have committed to. It’s as simple and hard to do as that.

Setema Gali says, “You’re either a 10 or a 2”…Think about it.

What do you really want to achieve – are you ready to go ALL IN?