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The 3M Prospecting Plan

In this article I’ll be covering the aspects of a highly effective prospecting plan.

While prospecting is a fundamental of any sales endeavor, most sales reps do not take prospecting seriously enough to make the impact on their sales numbers they or their manager would like.
Here’s truth:

“The road to increasing sales leads through more / more effective prospecting”


If you struggle in prospecting, you will struggle in sales. It’s that simple. The reverse is also true. The more you prospect and the better you become at it, the more opportunities you will create.

Furthermore, most sales reps lack a prospecting plan that will guide them in their prospecting efforts. Most of the time prospecting efforts are “willy nilly”, unfocused, sporadic and lack an over arching strategy.

The 3M prospecting process will help sales reps develop a highly effective and potent prospecting plan. 3M prospecting is composed of 3 focus points – Method, Message, Mission.


  1 – Method: What is the method and way you prospect and reach out to your prospects. For example:


  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Networking
  • Social Selling
  • Etc


     2 – Message: What is the message you use to create attention, interest and desire that will bring value?


  3 – Mission: The power behind all of your prospecting efforts is your personal mission and intent of your actions.


By combining and implementing these 3 aspects of 3M Prospecting together, you will have a focused prospecting strategy that has the potential to dramatically increase your opportunities to bring value to your prospects and increase your sales.
In subsequent articles, we’ll explore each one of the 3M’s in detail.


Dustin Dart is a sales trainer and consultant and is the President of Ascent Sakes International – a global sales training and marketing agency.

All In: The Difference Between Success and Failure

All In: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Many have pondered the question: What is the difference between success and failure?

After much thought on this very question, and looking at my own life experience, I found that every single failure I have had is because of ONE THING – A lack of commitment.

On the reverse, everything thing I have been successful with is because I was committed to success.

Why are my sales not where they need to be? Lack of commitment.

Why am I not ripped and shredded like I “want” to be? Lack of commitment.

Why is my relationships not as vibrant as they should? Lack of commitment

To achieve your goals and your true potential you must have commitment.

Not, kind of commitment, not 75% commitment, not I “wish and hope for commitment.

It requires the “it will happen”, no other alternatives, 100%, ALL IN commitment. Then you will achieve your goals…or rather, you will achieve your commitments.

Yes, there will be struggles, setbacks, doubts, perhaps some course corrections, but the end result will be success.

During a private coaching session with my mentor Brian Tracy he told me the secret to success in any endeavor. I can still hear his voice when he said, “If you want to guarantee your success in something, simply never give up, just never, ever give up.” It made a profound impact.

When you go ALL IN, you will do what you need to do, learn what you need to learn, search where you need to search, pay you need to pay to get the result you have committed to. It’s as simple and hard to do as that.

Setema Gali says, “You’re either a 10 or a 2”…Think about it.

What do you really want to achieve – are you ready to go ALL IN?

Ask & You Shall Receive

When I was a young buck, I was taught some very important principles to live by: to be humble, to share and to not be greedy. I admire all of these attributes, but when I became an adult I was uncomfortable asking for things I wanted. After all, I didn’t want to be arrogant and ask too much of people.

What I quickly found is that my hesitation to ask people for what I wanted held me back from the results I wanted to achieve in life. I was playing small when I didn’t ask for exactly what I wanted.

I discovered a great secret of success:

Life largely gives you what you ask and are willing to work for.

So, I started to ask for bigger and better results and I got them.

I started to ask clients for bigger and better sales and contracts, and I got them.

When I became “ok” with asking more, I started to win more. Which motivated me to ask even more.

You may be wondering how I rectified my inhibitions of asking so much. During my enlightenment of the power of asking big things out of life (and receiving them), I found another great secret of success.

When you ask big you must give big.

I believe it is a responsibility to give back. To give to those that are in need, to lend a helping had, to mentor those less experienced, to volunteer, and to make the world a better place.

Since my awakening to the power of asking, it has been a wonderful reciprocating blessing of asking, receiving and giving. The more I ask and receive the more I’m able to give. At the end of life, I believe we’ll be most fond of what we’ve been able to give than what we’ve received.

So bringing this back to sales and business success: Ask more and you will receive more.

Ask the client to meet. Ask the client for the contract. Ask for the repeat order. Ask for the referral.

If you’ve given value before hand, you know you can provide and you feel they are qualified, then you owe it to them and yourself to ask.

When you do, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll start to get.

Ask and you shall receive.

To Achieve We Must Die

*This post contains religious overtones – if you’re offended or bothered by religious and spiritual themes, please skip reading.

Life is a beautiful experience of growth, progression and expansion. Or at least it can be.

Most people, especially business professionals, wish for better results in all aspects of life. We want extreme business and financial success. We want optimum health and relationships with our loved ones that bring joy, happiness and fulfillment. All wonderful and worthy goals.

The truth is growth and progression for a better life and a better “you” can be difficult and painful, because it usually means sacrifice. Giving something up to get something bigger and better.

When I was 19 years old I wanted to change my life. I was stuck in low level living and I was staring at a future full of mediocrity. While I wanted a beautiful and bright future I was stuck in the mud and it seemed extremely hard to change who I was to get better results in life. Although I tried many times, I always turned back to the person I was. “That’s just the person I am.”

Finally, I had an epiphany.

To truly change and achieve better results out of life, a part of me would have to die so that I could be reborn.

A part of me had to die.

For me personally, I had to walk away from my best friends. I had to banish drugs and alcohol from my life because I have an addictive personality so I had to create a zero tolerance policy.

That part of my life literally had to die so that I could be reborn.

Once the vacuum was created, reborn I was and the success I have achieved in my life up to this point was made possible from the rebirth.

If you have a patch of ugly weeds in your beautiful flower garden you can’t change the weeds to become better, you must kill them, pull them out before you can replace them with gorgeous flowers.

Still today I understand that if I want to achieve better results, have more in my life in any area, something probably has to die. A bad habit has to be killed, a mode of thinking must be banished, an unhealthy something needs to put to rest. And by so doing, something more positive can grow in it’s place.

In sales if I want to achieve greatness, I must sacrifice something or let go of some aspect of life that is holding me back.

I’ve found the more drastic the change, the bigger and better the change.

A spring cleaning is needed to renew our lives.

As millions across the Earth reflect on Good Friday and what it represents, let us all understand that the wonderful gift Jesus Christ gave to us at a chance of rebirth, something had to die. He had to die. He had to die so that he could live again…and so that we could live again.

“I’m Not Interested”

I’m not interested…

The dreaded words a sales rep hears every. single. day….

But you know you have a product that can help out the customers. They just don’t seem interested in even hearing about it. Maybe you feel like this guy in this cartoon I had designed a few years ago.


Can you relate?

People are busier now than at any time in history. The amount of distractions that are calling for our attention is 10 fold from the busy time just 10 or 15 years ago. Frankly, we just don’t know what’s worth our time or not and with so much to do, it’s better to ignore.

If you’re prospects are telling you they’re not interested, what they’re really telling you is that you’re not interesting. If you want a prospects attention you must be interesting.

To get their listening ears to pay attention, here are some quick tips:

            1: Change the focus of your messages from you and your company to them and their needs, wants and how they would benefit. Afterall, who’s the most interesting person in the world? Ourselves…

            2: Don’t be vanilla. While you and your company might have the stability of vanilla ice cream, it’s boring. If you want their attention you must reach out in a much more creative and interesting way than your standard, pesky cold call or email.

            3: Create value. If you create enough value, your client will be forced to listen and pay attention.

            4: Create celebrity / authoritative leverage: You can create your own mini celebrity in your marketplace by blogging, making videos and audios, giving speeches, etc. Once you create the celebrity and authority in your marketplace, you will have no shortage of attention and people wanting to talk to you.

            5: Change your motive. Related to #1 above is to focus your motives to sincerely helping and benefiting your client rather than selfishly focusing on yourself making a sale. When your client senses your true motivation, they open up and are much more willing to start a dialogue.

Successful sales is getting much harder in today’s modern world. Those reps who refuse to learn and resist selling in a different way will be left behind and become fossils of a bygone age…sales fossils.

Those few reps who do take their career and the success of their client seriously will stand out and experience more success than they thought possible.

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