A Live Sales Workshop to Help You Rise to the Top of Your Field, Double Your Sales (Or More) & Become A Premier, World-Class Sales Professional

Professional Sales Training: Double Your Sales (Or More) & Become A Premier, World-Class Sales Person

A Live Workshop to help you rise to the top of your field, revolutionize your sales plan, connect with your customers and grow your company

Salt Lake City, Utah

October 18, 2018

Salt Lake City, Utah
October 18, 2018
@ The Salt Palace 

Become A Premier, World-Class, Professional Sales Person

Develop Your Step-By-Step Plan For Success

Discover The Principles, Techniques & Strategies of Successful Sales

"I've been to a lot of sales training seminars and meetings and this is by far the best I've been to"
- James Adams, Vivint Smart Home

Why Attend & What Makes The Advanced Professional Sales Workshop Different?

The Advanced Professional Sales Workshop is NOT the same old sales seminar you may have attended in the past.  Here is why you should attend and what makes this sales workshop different:

  • 1
    Interactive Workshop:  This is not a lecture!  You won't "be spoken to" for 8 hours.  You will actively participate in developing your new sales plan and action.
  • 2
    Sales for the 21st Century:  Update your skills for how successful sales works NOW - and let go of the manipulative sales techniques that no longer work.
  • 3
    Dustin Dart:  Dustin is one of the worlds most engaging and results oriented trainers today.
  • 4
     Advanced Sales Strategies:  You will learn advanced sales strategies and techniques that will help you increase your sales.
  • 5
    Results:  The only success that matters is results.  We guarantee you will get positive results by attending this workshop.  Many students report doubling and more their sales shortly after attending the workshop.
  • 6
    Invest In Your Future:  Your growth is only limited to the investments you make in yourself and your future. 

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What You Will Learn

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    The 10 Metrics of Professional Sales:  The Roadmap Of Sales Success
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    Learn Why "Opening" The Sale Is Much More Powerful Than "Closing - And How To Do It.
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    Ideal Client Profiles:  Understanding the Psychographics, Dominant Buying Criteria, Needs, Wants, etc of Your Clients
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    How to Completely Book Your Calendar With 3 Powerful & Advanced Prospecting Strategies
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    How to Have Meaningful Conversations & Presentations That Convert Prospects Into Clients
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    The 20 Step Follow-Up System That Instead of Pestering Clients, Will Establish You As The Expert, Create Good Will & Enable The Client To Buy 
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    The ONE Belief You Must Create Within Client So They Say "Yes"
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    The "3 Levels Deep" Technique To Uncover Hidden Needs Of The Client
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    The 9 Decision Markers Of How People Make Decisions & How You Can "Hack" Them
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    7 Ways to Create Exceptional & POWerful Experiences For Clients & Prospects.


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You Are Protected By Our Better-Than-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee

If after attending the ENTIRE SEMINAR you are not thoroughly convinced that this event was worth every single penny of the tuition you paid and the time you invested, just hand in your materials and say, "This wasn't worth it," before you leave, and I will refund 100% of your money – no hassles! And for your trouble, we'll ALSO pay you $100 for the time spent with us.

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