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Professional Sales International

Sales success can be hard to achieve as times have changed.  The more society has changed the drumbeat to sell harder, push the clients more and “always be closing” has increased in beat and volume.

As other industries have had to evolve to maintain relevance and success, the same rings true for sales training.  While most have clung tightly to the doctrines of by-gone eras that increasingly alienate prospects and clients, Professional Sales International has recognized the need to continually update the sales process so it best serves the clients and the sales reps of today.  Thus, our sales training programs are as unique as they are powerfully effective.

To best serve our clients, we offer comprehensive sales training in all stages of the sales process.  Beginning with the sales rep themselves and how they can grow into the person to become a highly successful sales pro, to prospecting, to persuasion and influence and all the way through learning and implementing the best strategies.  We refuse to neglect any aspect of sales success .

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Dustin Dart

Dustin Dart is the founder and President of Professional Sales International.  He earned a Professional Sales Degree from Weber State University.  During his 20 year sales career he consistently innovated the sales process and was in the top 1% of sales reps in the industry.

Dustin is the author is several sales books and audio training programs including:  Crucial Sales Skills, The Mind Bomb™ and Core Influence™.  He has developed other sales training programs with other sales and business success icons such as Brian Tracy, Michael E. Gerber, Tom Hopkins among others.

Dustin Dart is among the chief innovators of sales and business success in the modern age.