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Only 24% of Sales Reps Have Had Professional Sales Training

The Sales Reps Who Do Receive Professional Sales Training Increase Their Sales On Average 64%

Up to 94% Percent of Sales Reps That Get Sales Training Are Being Taught Outdated Sales Techniques

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Is the Modern Sales Dilemma Killing Your Sales?

Sales success is a science.  Yet, most sales reps never train for sales success, leaving the sales process to default (never good) and sales success to chance.

Making matters worse, sales reps that do study sales training are learning outdated and ineffective sales techniques from the 1970’s.

Times have changed and the old sales model does more harm than good, even though sales leaders continue to push the worn out model.  The gap between how clients buy and how sales reps sell have never been further apart and is growing.

This sales dilemma breeds frustrated clients that distrust sales reps with an already battered reputation.  As society progresses, the modern sales representative must evolve or they risk being left behind.

Professional Sales International is a sales training and consulting firm specializing in cutting edge sales methods and technologies that best serve the client and produces empowered sales reps that dramatically increase sales.

Step into modern times and contact us to update your sales process and create a sales [r]evolution.

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  • "I’ve been in sales and sales management for over 25 years and have seen pretty much every sales training out there, and I’ve got to say, Core Influence is absolutely the most powerful sales training program I’ve ever come across – by far.

    The program was well received by our sales reps and I’m very happy with the new way they are interacting with our clients."

    Gregory SharpGregory SharpTenotix Group
  • "Dustin Dart is the best sales trainer I have ever seen.  He is warm, endearing, engaging and what he teaches is profound and has helped our sales team dramatically increase sales.  Dustin helped grow our sales several millions of dollars and was instrumental in helping us get to the point of selling our business."

    Kathy BoydstunKathy BoydstunProGrafix
  • "I was one of the last sales reps in my company until I met Dustin Dart and Professional Sales International.  I learned the best sales principles and techniques and now I'm one of the top reps in my entire industry."

    Mike AdamsFusion Imaging

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Infuse new sales methodologies and technologies to dramatically increase sales.

Recharge Your Sales Team

Recharge Your Sales Team

Recharge your sales with new, innovative sales strategies, techniques, and principles.

Take Flight

Take Flight

Take flight and sign up for a free sales training consultation.

Sales & Business Domination w/ Brian Tracy & Dustin Dart

Sales Training Brian Tracy

The Sales Revolution w/ Tom Hopkins & Dustin Dart

Sales Training Tom Hopkins Program

Audio: The Mind Bomb

Sales Training Mind Bomb Book


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